Flex Plan 2023

Flex Plans 2023

Purchasing Flex Plan tickets will give you the option to choose the games that you would like to attend, along with the seats that you would like choose in the Club Section or on the Berms. ie. You can take 1 person to 5 games, 5 people to 1 game or any combination in between.

On April 1st at Noon, Flex Plan holders will be able to use our ticket portal to choose games for the season. Seat and game selection will be done on a first come, first served basis.

Flex Plans work like this:
1. Spend $115.00 + tax for a 5-game Flex Plan and receive credit to purchase 5 Club seats for the games you want - nearly $125 plus tax in value!


2. Spend $215 + tax for a 10-game Flex Plan and receive credit to purchase 10 Club seats for the games you want - $250 plus tax in value!

If you are purchasing the Flex Plans as a Gift, your e-receipt will include a link to a Form. The Form will ask for the information of the gift recipient and we'll transfer the Plan to the recipient in the new year (so we don't ruin hte surprise!). You will also see a link on the form that will take you to a spot on our website that you can download a Gift Receipt that you can use for the present.

2023 Club Seats for the Regular Season

2023 Club Level Season Tickets

2023 Gulls Club Seat Season Tickets are on sale October 3rd, at 12 Noon!

There is a capped amount for sale, once that maximum is reached we will consider the 2023 Season Tickets "Sold Out". 5 and 10 Game Flex Plans will go on sale on November 1st, more info here; www.sylvanlakegulls.com/information.